Alene & Ron Kaufman

In the mid 70’s, when Ron and I relocated to the Tidewater area, we never imagined how rich our lives would become throughout the years here. As I began to teach in the warm and nurturing environment at the Hebrew Academy of Tidewater, I learned much about the people and resources in our adopted community and further enhanced our Jewish learning and practice.

How honored I was in 2003 when our Hebrew Academy family and friends established the Alene Jo Kaufman Unrestricted Endowment Fund with the Tidewater Jewish Foundation acknowledging my first 25 years associated with the school. Coincidentally, Ron and I had just completed writing our wills and had made arrangements for a small bequest to the Foundation. We are not wealthy people but felt a moral and ethical responsibility to let our adopted community know how much we appreciated the opportunities that we had to grow and to learn while raising our sons, Jason and Adam, here.

What an honor it has been to be a part of this wonderful community! May we all continue to grow with the resources available to us here.