Alyssa & Jonathan Muhlendorf

Alyssa and Jonathan Muhlendorf believe in sharing what they have; whether that's the laughter and beauty of their children, Elijah and Nyla, their professional expertise, their time, or their commitment to the Tidewater Jewish community. Jonathan says it just made sense that if he was going to ask people to help the community, he and Alyssa step up and create their own Jewish legacy. Alyssa explains, "It's really important to us for our children to know if we have enough to eat, if we have a roof over our heads and there's someone that doesn't, we try to help them in whatever way we can. We feel like if we can help, in even a small way, we want to be able to do it.” Jonathan adds, "We want to show our generation that they can be involved today in planning for the future, and they don't have to be super wealthy to make a difference."