Frieda & Jules Feuer

I left Germany in 1933 to join a kibbutz in Israel and migrated to the USA in 1935 to join my parents and tow brothers who came here in 1932 and 1925, respectively. My brother, Otto, was a well known animator who created the modern Betty Boop. Frieda left Germany in 1937 on a visitor’s visa, the only way for her to escape. When her visa expired, they would not extend it and I offered to marry her. It was a sort of provisional arrangement to meet the emergency, but it lasted 67 years so far.

I came to Norfolk to manage a naval uniform store in 1943. We are active in several Jewish organizations and I am a regular at the daily minyan at Temple Israel. Frieda retired from the JCC after 20 years as bookkeeper. We are glad to give something back to Temple Israel and the JCC who mean so much to us.