Helen & Warren Aleck

I became involved in the Jewish community gradually after my father died and began attending regular minyan at Beth El, where I have been a member all my life. Learning how to daven and lead the service, I made the commitment and have been doing it ever since. I attend every week day and help make the minyan for those who are saying Kaddish - - that's not a bad feeling.

Helen and I believe in philanthropy. It’s a good feeling to be able to give to charitable organizations, and then observe the ripple effect when those organizations help the people they serve. Obviously, it’s rougher for many of us to give today because of the economy…but while many have had to cut back, it’s important not to cut out because the need is even stronger. My answer to that is to encourage people to include their favorite charitable organizations in their estate planning.

There’s no reason why someone shouldn't consider what organizations they care about and arrange to help them even after they are gone – hopefully many of our Jewish organizations are on their lists.