Howard & Alma Laderberg

We are indeed fortunate. We are fortunate that our grandparents had the foresight at the turn of the twentieth century to immigrate to America. We are fortunate that our parents, through tenacity and hard work, were able to provide comfortable homes for us as well as good examples of traditional Jewish life, including “charity for the poor”.

Throughout our married years (fifty-five as of 2003), we have been fortunate to have gradually been able to further their ideals and to expand on them. This is our way of showing gratitude for all the blessings which have been bestowed upon us. Our intent is for our children and grandchildren to continue with the principles of Tzedakah that have begun.

We have lived through the best of times and the worst of times. History has taught us that we must truly be our brother’s keeper. We sincerely hope and pray that this endowment to the Tidewater Jewish Foundation will help to preserve Jewish and secular values for endless years ahead.