Jay & Jodi Klebanoff

Jodi and I have woven an appreciation of our Judaism into the core of our marriage. Our appreciation began with our wedding at Temple Israel, where Jodi's mother and father were married, and continued with a honeymoon in Israel.

Our family was in Israel on the tragic and indelible day that Yitzhak Rabin was killed. We shed many tears with our communal peers during the days following Rabin’s death.

On the same visit, we shared the joy of dancing with the children of youth home Neve Michael and their spitfire director, Hava Levine. We climbed Masada, celebrated Shabbat in Jerusalem and dined by the shores of Lake Kinneret.

Participating in the Tidewater Jewish Foundation through our HAT and JFS endowments allows Jodi and I to continue supporting the Tidewater Jewish community now and after we’re gone. More importantly, we hope to encourage our children, Arielle, Noah and Benjamin, to follow the example of their parents and grandparents in working on behalf of the Jewish Community at home and in Israel.