Lawrence & Leslie Siegel

I grew up in Norfolk in the 50s. Hebrew school multiple days a week, AZA fraternity and a Jewish life was not an option- it was on auto-pilot thanks to my parents and the generations before them. My wife grew up in Asheville, NC and for her BBYO and the JCC were the primary points of contact for all of the Jewish kids in that area. It was her "home" away from home. As our children grew to become adults, we nurtured their Judaism and hoped that they too would feel an attachment and bond w/ Jews all over the World. Our commitment to philanthropy and to our Jewish Community is based in part on the values that our parents gave to us, our success over 40 years, and the pride we have in our children, Shaye and Glen and Megan and Steve who have all become active engaged members of our Community. We are fortunate to be able to leave a legacy for our kids, our grandchildren and for their community.