Libby Radus

My paternal grandfather (“big” Grandpa), Nathan Radutsky and his family (including my father, Morris Radus, then 12-years old) arrived in America in 1888, having come from near Kiev, in the Ukraine. I know little about my mother’s (Sarah Adler Radus) origin; she died when I was 14. Her father (“little” Grandpa Adler) lived with us for awhile, until I was 11. Mama’s death caused an eventual split in our family, Papa and four girls lives went on; however, we were not particularly religious.

In 1943, when I made the decision to join the original Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, I felt it was not "the least I could do" but "the most”. That decision changed my life and I began to realize the potential within myself. First, I was accepted for OCS and attained the rank of Captain. After three years of service, I went to work at the University of Denver while enrolling there under the G. I. Bill of Rights, as the result of which I earned my Bachelor’s & Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology & Psychology.

The Junior League of Hampton Roads brought me here in 1952 to head their infant "Speech School” which eventually became a department of Riverside Regional Medical Center. By then, I had taken a two-year leave of absence and completed the Doctoral program at the University of Florida on a scholarship.