Linda Epstein Belkov & Calvin Belkov

Our history began with five generations (the Battlemans, Belkovs, Epsteins and Zedds) who came to America at the turn of the 20th century from Russia and Eastern Europe. These families consisted of very observant Jews, who came here with the hopes of religious freedom and dreams of prosperity for their future families soon to be established in America. They also left a legacy of tzedakah, meaning that no matter how meager their living, there was always a box present for a coin to be deposited, any time, any day, whenever spare change was available.

As it was then with our forefathers, and as it is today, it is the Jewish people who take care of their own. Those lessons were taught to their children at an early age and passed down through the generations. Another dream of our ancestors was for a State of Israel to come into being. It was their hope that any and all immigrants who settled there would have a promised land to encompass all of the values and traditions of Judaism.

What a privilege it is for us to witness our heritage of giving as it is passed down to our daughter, Lisa, and to her children, and for many generations to come. It is not unusual to find the BelkovSnyder family giving clothing, food, financial aid and toys to families in need; they also collect monies for many Jewish organizations, including the Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado and other Jewish organizations that benefit the mental health and well-being of women and children. We are proud to say that Lisa became a Lion of Judah in 2005. We look forward to attending CHOICES 2007, a major Women’s Campaign event for the Boulder/Denver Jewish communities, of which Lisa is a co-chair. 

The continuation of our core family and Jewish values is what we hope to impress upon our grandchildren, and in turn, hope that they will pass along and instill these values to their children, remembering al the while, from whence it began several centuries ago.