Marc & Connie Jacobson

But for the grace of God, many of us would not be living as Jews in our free country, and enjoying its bountiful blessings.

Our parents instilled in us a love for our country, of Judaism, of our community, and of Israel. They also emphasized values that we hope, in some small way; we can pass on to our children and their children.

Time and time again, we were reminded that giving Tzedakah was the right thing to do. Abraham Joshua Heschel said, “Judaism is not a science of nature, but a science of what man ought to do with nature. It is concerned above all with problems of living. It takes deeds more seriously than things”.

By emphasizing Tzedakah and Jewish values, we hope that our children and grandchildren will make Judaism and Tzedakah and good deeds, the cornerstones of their lives.