Paul & Marcy Terkeltaub

We credit our parents Victor and Fannie Terkeltaub (of blessed memory) and Kurt and Rose Rosenbach for instilling in us the desire to raise our children in a Jewish environment. Our parents also taught us the value of tzedakah and the importance of giving back to the community. This type of belief and dedication to the Jewish community has to be carefully taught and practiced over a lifetime; and our parents have been great teachers and role models.

We were both born and raised in Tidewater, and actually met at a BBYO function at the age of 16. Throughout our lives, we’ve benefited greatly from the Jewish community through our temple life, BBYO, USY, and tennis at the JCC. In addition, our children derived the same benefits from preschool at the JCC, attendance at Hebrew Academy, temple functions or BBYO.

Through our personal involvement in the Jewish community, we have had the opportunity to observe our parents and many members of their generation exhibit generosity, love and affection for the Jewish community, which inspired us to want to do our part to help perpetuate our Jewish institutions.

We recently established a life insurance fund with The Tidewater Jewish Foundation, naming our children, Jennifer and Brandon, as successor advisors. We intentionally structured this gift so that once they we have passed away, Jennifer and Brandon will be able to distribute $25,000 a year to charity, fifty percent of which is earmarked to benefit our local Jewish Community and fifty percent that can be used for either Jewish or secular charities.

This gift will enable our children to donate to charities that they care about, but never forget the Jewish community in which they were raised. We want our children to stay connected to the local Jewish community regardless of where their lives take them. As they mature, we hope they will develop the same devotion to the Jewish community and be able to meet their philanthropic desires, as their grandparents and parents have done.