Paula & Michael Blachman

Establishing the Blachman Family Fund continues our family's acceptance of responsibility to be involved philanthropically and otherwise in charitable endeavors that benefit our fellow Jews worldwide and our local community. Zalmon and Rachel Blachman’s involvement in Jewish community activities in Portsmouth has been continued by their son and daughter-in-law, Michael and Paula Blachman. Their grandchildren, Dara and Erica Blachman, although not residing locally, are active in their respective Jewish communities and are desirous of assuring that their family’s commitment and involvement be maintained in the years to come. All three generations contribute to the Fund and participate in making recommendations for distributions.

Accepting responsibility for enhancing one’s community and for maintaining a viable and safe Jewish community locally, in Israel, and throughout the world are the precepts upon which the Blachman Family Fund was established. Having observed each other contribute in their own way to achieve these goals has fostered in each of us a desire to ensure for the present and future that our contributions to Jewish and community life will be maintained and that our family’s legacy will be forever etched in our community.