Pearl Glassman

My husband, Bernard Glassman, and I (lifetime New York residents) moved to Virginia Beach in 1976. Bernard was a resident in Beth Sholom Home for four years prior to his death in 2000. My parents, Yetta and Harris Hacken (of blessed memory) by example, taught me and my siblings the practice of Tzedakah. They migrated from Austria – Hungary. Though not religious, we maintained and adhered to the principles of Judaism.

In my early youth, I remember attending Yiddish Theatre performances to benefit the needy as well as functions to raise funds for a local Workman’s Circle Home. Our family took pride in their Jewish roots and traditions. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to live at Beth Sholom Terrace and for my long-time membership with Temple Emanuel, an uplifting spiritual and social experience. I have two Ezra gift annuities established by my brother, Robert Hacken. Presently, they contribute to my care. Beth Sholom Home and Temple Emanuel will benefit after my demise.

Though of modest means, I learned from my parents that Tzedakah should be a lifetime commitment!