Phyllis & David Lannik

My parents, Bernard & Sarah Goltz Landau, were a product of their time. They were first generation Americans, born on the West Side of Chicago during World War I. Berny and Sally tried so hard to show they were Americans that their Jewish heritage was not always evident.

After many years of traveling around the country for David’s medical training, we settled in Tidewater and our son Joshua was born. I uncovered my Jewish roots, and along with David and Josh, joined a synagogue, and became involved in the Federation and many of the Jewish agencies.

During my time as President of Jewish Family Service I was fortunate to be able to establish a philanthropic fund. I decided to make my gift unrestricted so that Jewish Family Service can use the funds where they can do the most good as the needs of our community change. After all, it’s not just about establishing a legacy for my own family, but providing an opportunity to help others and keep our Jewish community strong.