Ron & Cindy Kramer

I have often spoken of my great fortune to have grown up in this wonderful Jewish community. Many have heard me pay tribute to my parents Mickey and June (of blessed memory) for teaching my sister Joyce and me the importance of community involvement, leadership, and unwavering commitment to Israel and to our Jewish faith. They truly led by example.

Today it is my job to impart the same messages and principles to my own children: Will, June, Alex, and Austin. So it is no surprise that Cindy and I feel an even deeper sense of gratitude and appreciation for being able to raise our own family here. If it “takes a village” to raise a child, than we should all be proud… With its schools, community center, family service, nursing home and synagogues, this “Jewish village” meets our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, each and every day. Reminding us that we are not alone in the world, our Federation enables us to help meet the needs of Jews around the globe, with compassion and honor. And our Foundation provides us with a means of investing today, so our children and grandchildren inherit a thriving Jewish community tomorrow.

My greatest wish is that my children’s lives will be as rich and Jewishly meaningful as my own has been. If, as a community – as a village – we can succeed in doing this for all of our children, than my legacy would not be a gift to future generations, but rather a gift received from them.