Ron & Linda Spindel

Ron and I grew up in Tidewater and our friends and family are centered in the Jewish community. We have been so fortunate and realize that with this blessing comes responsibility. Having been involved with the Annual Campaign of the Tidewater Jewish Federation for several years now, we find it very satisfying to be responsible, in some small way, for raising the monies needed so that our affiliate agencies can continue to provide the services that they do in the community.

This idea became even more important to us when our son, Jeffrey, died. The Jewish community stepped forward and we knew we were not alone. It soon became apparent that we could further his memory with the acts of loving-kindness a memorial fund would generate. Each of us, in our own right, can and must make a difference in the future of our Jewish community. Now, our son will have that legacy as well. His desire to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate is now made possible by our endowment and will go on forever. Clearly, we are all part of the larger "Jewish family" that needs our support to continue for generations to come!