Rosalyn Levy August

Family means everything to me. I come from a family of retailersselling women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, shoes and jewelry. It was as a jeweler that I found my livelihood and my deep relationship with my Dad. "It's how you treat your fellow man--that’s what will set you apart.” This code is rooted in our faith. The Torah teaches us to be honest and ethical in our lives and this is how I was taught.

My two children, Meredith and Adam and I moved to Hampton Roads in 1987 to live near my family. We made a life here. I built my business, remarried, and saw both children find loving spouses to make their own families. I now have four grandchildren. For future generations of family, I want to secure Jewish life here in Hampton Roads. Making a difference is more than a responsibility. It is a need to honor my family. This gift will help to link the past and the future to maintain Jewish education, both for children and adults. I hope to continue to learn about our history while contributing to our future. My family taught me to do this and I honor their memory with my gift.