Sandra Forte

Originally from an Orthodox shul in Brooklyn, New York, ten years ago, I relocated from the New York area to Virginia Beach; from a bustling Jewish community to an area where I’m acutely aware of my minority status. How important it is for me to stay connected. With the recent Mideast violence, my only solace was in communing with people who felt the vulnerability of our Jewish homeland.

I am past the age of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, the age of weddings, and hopefully beyond the age of holding a funeral for any immediate family member. Yet I am an active member of Ohef Sholom Temple because being a Jew defines me, it is "coming home."

As a retired woman, alone and on a fixed income, it troubles me that I’m unable to contribute to the many worthy causes I passionately support other than paying for my Temple membership dues. Leaving a bequest is my way of remaining true to my heritage of tzedakah.