Sheila Josephberg

When I think about Judaism, I picture a long chain of people leading back through all of my ancestors to Abraham and Sarah. These people have been the caretakers of a powerful heritage that makes me proud to be a Jew. In spite of the best efforts of various groups to destroy us, the Jewish people, thankfully, still exist. Bob and I believe that it is our responsibility to help ensure that Jewish life continues and flourishes.

We have tried to give our daughter, Jennifer, pride in being a Jewish woman and we’re hoping that she will do the same for her children. Jennifer has a rich foundation in Judaism that began with JCC camp as a four-year-old through wonderful years at Hebrew Academy and her Bat Mitzvah at Congregation Beth El.

Endowing my Lion of Judah gift is my way of ensuring that a vibrant Jewish life will be here in Tidewater for future children and their parents. May my personal link in the chain of Judaism remain strong and unbroken.