Susan & Jim Eilberg

When our older son, Seth, was a Bar Mitzvah, we decided against a lavish social celebration. Instead, with his agreement, we wanted to do something for the community as a whole. That was the genesis of the Weinberg/Eilberg Memorial Fund at the JCCT. It was established to honor both grandfathers, neither of whom survived to see this first Bar Mitzvah. The year was 1987.

We chose the JCCT because it was central to our lives. Both Seth and his brother, Herb, were actively involved there, with their friends, throughout the year. It was a sanctuary for them to enjoy each other and to stretch themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. Seth is now the lay leader for Jewish students at the Hill School in Pottstown, PA, where he, his wife, Donna, and his son, Graham, live. Herb is living in New York, on the lower east side, having "returned to his roots".

Since then, donations to the Fund have been made regularly, as well as gifts to celebrate significant events with tributes and memorials. Thus the fund has grown. We are proud that this Fund has been available to underwrite various projects over the years and as a model to our family for future contributions.