Susan & Jon Becker

Jon and Susan Becker had long been drawn to a deeper study and participation in Judaism and the Jewish community. Among the most important things to the Beckers are ensuring the future of Chabad, the Hebrew Academy of Tidewater and Jewish Family Service.

"I just realized I needed to step it up. And I could, so I did. It’s more of a commitment than I might have thought I would ever make, but when I hear of Jews not eating, not having food on their plate, and so many other needs, it’s only right to become more involved”, says Susan. Jon sums up the philosophy of the couple, “"I really believe that HaShem decides, okay, I’m gonna trust you with this much of it, and it’s now your obligation to share it-- to pass it on. Tzedakah doesn’t really mean ‘charity.’ It means, doing the right thing. It means doing what you're supposed to do. I believe we've been fortunate and therefore have an absolute obligation to help those who haven't been as fortunate.”